Voice Buddy


We all know that having text to speech is a very powerful tool when it’s done right. However, we’ve seen that most text to speech tools just don’t deliver quality results and sound like a robot suffering from dementia.
…That’s where Voice Buddy came to be.
Voice Buddy encompasses the best of both worlds when it comes to text to speech technology.
Simply stated, it combines Google Wave Net and Amazon Polly technology into one software platform with a lot of added features.
There are many ways you can use text to speech technology and make a profit. But none of them are more prevalent than creating videos.
And that’s where Voice Buddy will shine. You will love the fact that you can churn out high quality natural sounding audio without a ton of hassle.


OTO 1 VoiceBuddy Pro: $37 one time, (9.97 per month after)
OTO 1 DS – $27 one time (9.97 per month after)
OTO 2 Translator: $37.97 One Time
OTO 2 DS – $27.97 One time
OTO 3 Custom Video Creator: $47.97 One Time
OTO 3 DS – $37.97 One Time
OTO 4 Agency: $47.97 One Time
OTO 4 DS – $37.97 One Time

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