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Watch: Influencer tricks people into eating soap covered in chocolate

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A social media influencer in Colombia filmed himself tricking elderly and homeless men into eating bars of soap covered in chocolate.

Milton Domínguez, who is known in social media circles as Jay Tomy, has, however, shown remorse over the tasteless prank.

The video shows each step of YouTuber and Instagrammer Domínguez’s prank. He first visits a local store where he records himself purchasing five soap bars. He then places them atop a kitchen counter with a package of chocolates and woodcraft sticks.

The chocolate is then heated in a frying pan and placed into a jar after it finally melted. Afterward, Domínguez puts each sop bar into the jar until it is completely covered in chocolate.

A man is seen exclaiming that the fake ice cream bar is delicious after taking several bites. He later realises he is just eating soap covered in chocolate.

“Man, I noticed you gave me soap,” the elderly man said as Domínguez giggled behind the camera.

Another man is also shown taking several bites and lauds Domínguez’s fake ice cream bar.

“The popsicle has a good flavor. You guys are progressing and have to push forward,” he said. “It is very tasty.”

A boy on a bicycle quickly caught onto Domínguez’s prank. “This tastes like soap”, he says after taking a couple of bites.

The prank didn’t go down well with social media users.

“In reference to the joke we recently made that caused a negative reaction from the public, I sincerely apologize to the people involved and to the community,” Domínguez wrote on his Instagram account.

“After a deep reflection I have noticed that there is a narrow line between what can be perceived as a joke and what can be perceived as an action that threatens people,” he added.

“I invite the influencer community to reflect and create spaces to debate these limits and avoid overcoming the barriers from fun to a joke in bad taste.”

Cartagena Metropolitan Police brigade general Henry Sanabria said Domínguez and the two other individuals who participated in the prank could face criminal charges. One of them, who was identified by the police only as Dilan, turned himself in, apologised for his actions, and was fined $324.

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